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The USS Augusta was launched in 2256, after the incident at the Battle of the Binary Stars. Starfleet was desperately producing ships at a fast pace. To meet the Klingon threat head on. Starfleet needed to buy time, for their new heavy cruiser fleet to be completed.

The Nimitz Class was the new ship on the line, but she was almost outdated by her launch date. As soon as the Klingon War began, the klingon's technological superiority was apparent. The design was retrofitted, and thanks to some major breakthroughs in Andorian weapons research, the Nimitz Class Mark II, was rushed into service. The first ship of this new revision would be the USS Augusta.

The USS Augusta, was tasked with finding new technology and reverse engineer klingon technology to help the war effort against the klingon empire. Starfleet was desperate to find a way of counter act the Klingon superiority they had over all of Starfleet.

The USS Augusta, was launched with one mission in mind. Find a way to win the war, she was loaded with a unit of corps of engineers, combat engineers and some of the lead scientist within the federation. They set off to go deep into klingon controlled space.

Episode 1: Moral Conflictions

The USS Augusta sets course of the klingon border, they have worked on ways to creating a low power signature and most of the crew were forced to learn Klingonese, in order to try to fool the Klingons, when in their space. Got this idea from Star Trek VI, when the USS Enterprise tricked the Klingons to thinking the Enterprise was a freighter. The USS Augusta is setting course for Klah'Be'Tor.

A system near the Federation and Klingon Border. The USS Augusta would launch from K-7 and raid an abandon Klingon colony. When the war broke out, the colony was attacked by the federation forces, it was one of the few victories of the Federation.

Starfleet hopes the Klingon's left some tech down on the planet, that they could reverse engineer. They wanted to learn more about this new cloaking device, and their weapons upgrade on their vessels. If they could enhance the federation weapons to be comparable to the Klingon's, it may make them think twice.

Just when the federation started to salvage the colony world, the USS Augusta receives a mayday call. The finish up their salvage mission, and warp out. The corps of engineers and scientist begin studying the artifacts and other technologies. Everyone hopes on the Augusta, they can find away to eliminate the technical superiority with the data and salvage they found on the planet.

2) USS Augusta starts playing a cat and mouse game with a klingon bird of prey. The bird of prey has a tactical advantage over the USS Augusta. She was not damaged. The USS Augusta had a plasma leak from her warp nacelle on the port lower side. The USS Augusta was looking for a place to hide, and make repairs.

The USS Augusta was able to make it into a nebula, which made sensors useless. The Nebula was to toxic, for the crew to leave the ship to repair the nacelle. The crew of the USS Augusta, needed to find away to loose the klingon tail. They were bent on satisifying their honor and destroying the the USS Augusta.

The crew managed to loose their tail and make there repairs. At the end of the mission the USS Augusta, learns that 4789.6 Hypothermic charges on Kalfor 6, burning off its atsomphire. Killing 11,000 civilians instantly. The crew of the USS Augusta want to set course for Kalfor, but Starfleet tells them no. They believe the Klingon's are laying a trap for the Federation at Kalfor 6.

3) The crew is dealing the loss of life at Kalfor 6. The captain is trying to make sense of the loss of life at Kalfor 6, when they hear that two birds of prey are trying to assault Mildar 2. Can the crew of the USS Augusta stop the klingons from repeating the incident at Kalfor 6?

USS Augusta manages to chase off the two klingon bird of prey. They tend to the wounded on Mildar 2. And are ordered to leave the area, as soon as they do, they noticed the two klingon bird of prey begin to attack the colony again. Starfleet and the Captain can not figure out what to do. They need to find a way to protect Federation colonies.

The USS Augusta is ordered to leave the Mildar System, when another colony with more strategic value is being attacked. The crew of the USS Augusta, most deal with the moral ramifications of Starfleet's orders. Do they follow their orders or do they defy starfleet?