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Lieutenant JG Kaitlyn Haynes

Name Kaitlyn Rose Haynes

Position Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6
Weight 125
Hair Color Strawberry Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Average height lady witha slender build with blue eyes that sparkle against her red hair, fairly attractive lady.


Spouse NA
Children NA
Father Vincent Thomas Haynes
Mother Laura Ann Haynes
Brother(s) Kevin Erick Haynes
Sister(s) Karolyn Jo Haynes
Other Family NA

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kaitlyn is a very open person, that realize on her charm to get her out of difficult situations. She is very dedicated to her duty to starfleet. Kaitlyn has a sassy and sometimes sarcastic sense of humor.
Strengths & Weaknesses Kaitlyn is a patriot, she is a survivor of the Battle of the Binary Stars. Starfleet re assigned her to the USS Augusta. Kaitlyn strongly believes in the ideals of the Federation and starfleet. She has made it her career to helping carry out there mandate. She is loyal to a fault, this both a strength and a weakness for her.

Kaitlyn tends to be a little sassy when she feels uncomfortable, but typically she tries her best to like everyone. But her personality is adaptable to meet the needs of the crew, but she has a moral sense, a line she will not cross and when hits that line, she becomes defensive and sarcastic in order to keep people at bay.

Kaitlyn is very confident, she comes from a starfleet family. She tends to think she is born to be a starfleet officer, it's in her blood and sometimes it can rub people the wrong way, however she is aware of this fault and tries never to make anyone feel unwelcome.

Kaitlyn has a band of brothers mentality, no one expandable. Starfleet is one happy family and she would defend anyone in starfleet. She believes in starfleet and its mission.
Ambitions Kaitlyn wants to become a Captain of a starship. She wants to help others, the way she was helped when she was young child.
Hobbies & Interests Sports: Dancing, Swimming and Martial Arts.

Water Sports: Rafting, Canoeing and Kayaking.

Outdoor Sports: Camping, Backpacking, Hiking and Skydiving.

Non Sports: Painting and Volunteering

Kaitlyn has a love for 21st century music, literature and movies. She is very interested in men. She likes to be a little sassy and flirtatious with the boys. She loves to collect nick knacks from planets they visit.

Personal History Kaitlyn Rose Haynes was born on febuary 14, 2331 to Vincent and Laura Haynes. She was raised in San Fransico, California. Her parents were resteraunt owners, near Starfleet Academy.

Kaitlyn had a normal childhood filled with love and happiness. At the age of 17, and completing high school, Kaitlyn joined Starfleet Academy with her parents blessing. She was accepted to Starfleet Medical Academy in the Summer of 2248. She completed her understudies in the summer of 2252.

Kaitlyn began her Post graduate studies and began to work on her doctorate in the Summer of 2252 and completed the Academy in 2256, she was just assigned to the USS Livingstone, when the ship was destroyed at the Battle of the Binary Stars. She was assigned as a medical officer.

After the massacre at the Battle of the Binary Stars, Kaitlyn was re assigned to the USS Augusta as Assistant Chief Medical Officer. Kaitlyn was not sure she wanted to continue with Starfleet, after the massacre at the Battle of the Binary Stars. She decided to continue with Starfleet.
Service Record 2256

- Chief Medical Officer, USS Augusta
- Medical Officer, USS Livingstone
- Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade
- Earned her Doctorate in Family Medicine

2252 - 2256

- Promoted to Ensign
- Post Doctorate Studies, Starfleet Medical Academy
- Medical Officer, USS Livingstone (Summer of 2256)

2248 - 2252

- Starfleet Medical Academy, Under Graduate Medical Cadet