Welcome to the USS Augusta!

USS Augusta is a Bravofleet Simulation. Currently under the command of Commander Katherine Williams. Join the crew of the Augusta, as they reach out to the stars.

The Augusta was launched in 2256, after the incident at the Battle of the Binary Stars.

Starfleet was desperately producing ships at a fast pace.

To meet the Klingon threat head on.

Starfleet needed to buy time, for their new heavy cruiser fleet to be completed. It's up to the smaller cruisers and escorts to hold the line, while the Federation continues its war with the Klingon Empire.

The USS Augusta is a Nimitz Class Cruiser. She is fresh off the assembly.

The Augusta's primary mission is to reverse engineer and eliminate the klingon's technological superiority. The Augusta design was retrofitted, and thanks to some major breakthroughs in Andorian weapons research, the Nimitz Class Mark II, was rushed into service.

The first ship of this new revision would be the USS Augusta.

The USS Augusta, was launched with one mission in mind. Find a way to win the war, she was loaded with a unit of corps of engineers, combat engineers and some of the lead scientist within the federation.

They set off to go deep into Klingon controlled space.

Join the crew of the Augusta, and do you part to help win the war against the Klingon Empire.

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